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Attaway Services provides exceptional mechanical engineering, civil engineering and maintenance services to the petrochemical industry in the Southeastern United States. Our expertise lies in the design, construction and maintenance of pipelines, terminal storage and distribution systems.

Mechanical engineering and civil engineering are tightly tied in together when it comes to construction in the petrochemical industry. For almost every project, one cannot deliver value without the other. Whether it is storing fuel or petroleum, or distributing fuel, both mechanical and civil engineers work together to help deliver the best outcomes. When you work with us, you can be assured that you are going to get the best of both worlds working together as a team.

Some specific services we offer include:

Petrochemical Design Build
Today, the design and build project delivery method is widely considered to be the most efficient process for fast track projects because the synergistic team approach fosters better cooperation and accelerates project completion.
Through the design/build process, Attaway Services can offer our customers comprehensive construction management that ensures better quality, faster turnaround time and significantly fewer errors. It's this kind of collaboration within management that brings our projects in on budget and on time. Another primary benefit of the design/build method is that design, procurement and initial construction can begin well in advance of the final design. Other advantages include single point responsibility, minimized claims for extras and the feasibility of obtaining overall performance warranties.

Petrochemical Plant Construction

Fuel Farm Construction
As petrochemical contractors, we have extensive experience designing and building fuel farms. We will make sure the proper foundation is set prior to commencement of construction. We will fabricate all the necessary piping and ensure that compliance is met on all levels of construction. We can also take care of all the engineering services for a smooth road to success.

Construction or Renovation of Fuel Facilities
Federal guidelines are very specific when it comes to fuel storage facilities. When building or renovating these facilities, careful attention must be paid to the piping especially. It's highly recommended to use an experienced contractor like Attaway Services for these projects. We will install all of the piping, necessary pumps and motors, filtration systems, and all other required instrumentation. We will also take care of all structural aspects of the facility. All along the way we will continue to inspect the work to make sure it meets our high standards and remain within the compliance of federal and local building code.

Installation of Hydrant Fueling System
The planning and installation of a hydrant fueling system requires great precision and close attention to the resulting efficiencies. We will source and provide all the materials, install all the piping and undertake careful inspections throughout the process. Our emphasis on safety does not end when we finish the job, we also make sure to install all necessary safety precautions, such as the emergency fuel shutdown system. We recently installed a hydrant fueling system at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport.

Installation of Butane offload and injection system
Sometimes a project isn't as grand as to include the new construction or full renovation of a facility. That's fine, we like those projects too. An example - we installed new piping and a butane storage tank at the Port of Tampa in Florida. This project included installing all fuel piping, pumps and motors, injection skids, control building, butane bullet and offload system, pipe bridge and supports and concrete foundations.

Installation of fuel storage tanks
While it doesn't rise to the complexity level of a fuel farm, the installation of one fuel storage tank can also be a challenging job. But it's definitely one that we are happy to take on. We will install the tank with all necessary safety precautions including security fencing. We will also take care of all the necessary earth work associated with the project.

In addition to designing and building these facilities and pipelines, we can also maintain them for you. Some of our maintenance contracts come from original projects that we worked on, but we also have maintenance contracts at facilities that we did not construct.

This is not our full list of services. If you are in the petrochemical industry and have a mechanical civil construction project, please give us a call at 954-462-2920 or complete our contact form.

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